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Totaal 1277 stemmen.  81.13% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 1277 stemmen. 81.13% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Rummikub:
Play the popular Rummikub with cards online against a computer opponent. Try first to play all cards on the table by the rules. Play here one of the most famous games in the Netherlands: Rummikub. No download, app, or login is required to play this game. you play this game completely free online. For most people are instructions for this game is not necessary. But for the new players we will still explain here the rules: how to play Rummikub

Put the best combinations

In this game, it is intended to make all your asap? to get rid of stones. Each player has 14 playing pieces numbered closed in front of him. the right color combinations and numbers to lay down on the game field, you play your cards away. These are short, the basic rules of Rummikub. In this online version, you play against the computer or your tablet or phone (both for Android, iOS and Windows Phone). This game is a combination between the card game Rummy and the game Mahjong.

Puzzle it!

Once all that series are placed on the playing field, you can try your own rummi stones to combine with the game pieces on the playing field. That way you can get sets apart and make use of existing series again new series of numbers and colors. This puzzling you outwit the opponent. There are also two jokers in the game that you can employ tactically. Has anyone near you fancy a game? Does your family do not have time or are you on the train? On Spelle.nl Rummikub you can play whenever you want. Lots of fun!

Play Rummikub with your mouse.


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