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Totaal 709 stemmen.  83.36% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 709 stemmen. 83.36% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Goodgame Empire:
In this exciting multiplayer strategy game, it meant that you as lord your small fort ultimately makes the capital of the kingdom! Build an efficient trading system and create a powerful army to defend your kingdom from enemy players from all over the world. Make sure to friends and close tactical alliances with them in order to crush the opponent and the world to put your hand!

Build your own empire

In this game creer you own city that you must defend against other armies. So build sturdy castles and leads enough soldiers to protect you. That way you get rich keeps expanding. Write history here and play this game created by miniclip and good game. Sign up and receive thereby hints and cheats to collect as many rubies! On certain search engines or on a forum you can learn useful tricks (no survey) which gave the game supposedly hacked. You know secretly already how the game works and thus you will grow into the largest empire.

Is a powerful leader

Do you have it in your march to become an online world leader? Here, try one of the coolest games according to wiki. Build a castle, defeat enemies and conquer as the globe. If you play this game you find yourself here in the Middle Ages. Knights and nations do battle with each other to retain their place in society. Like Asterix and Obelix will you try to maintain your empire to finally gain control over more and more land. So make smart and tactical bondjes with other armies and fight your enemies. Good luck in this exciting strategy game!

Play this game with your mouse.


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